NHL for Girls
NHL for Girls

Dedicated to our love for hockey.
The two of us absolutely love Marty St. Louis for the Tampa Bay Lightning, so if you see a lot of posts about him that is why. If you're a Penguins fan, probably not too much going on here for you. =) One day, I'll be more motivated to do a theme.


No one anywhere can tell me that they’re not about to have sex. If you try, I will stick my fingers in my ears and yell LALALALALA until you stop.

And, good gods, I cannot stop making gifs. Someone take photoshop away from me. Or send me some requests. That’s cool too.

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You know it’s true

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I love you

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Get well soon Marty! We need you! :)

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get better soon marty.

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We feel that we’re in good hands, just like All-State.

Martin St. Louis about Steve Yzerman (via copperbooom)


(via stlouie-louie)

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this tribute tho


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